Services for Heirs

Arbor Probate Research seeks out potential heirs to assets. Our team will be the advocate of your claim throughout the entire process of your case. Heirs will never have  to pay any upfront monies to initiate this process. Arbor works strictly on a contingency basis, meaning we are only compensated if you are compensated.

Arbor Probate Research Inc. extends its professional  expertise in assisting  courts, lawyers, trust officers, administrators, executors and professional fiduciaries. Arbor Forensic Specialists have the professional capacity to resolve the most complex estate investigations. Our Arbor Team will create a detailed family tree, create supporting evidence, all with the full comprehension of the succession laws in where a case originates. If required, our team is experienced, prepared and  qualified to testify in kinship hearings within any probate court systems. 

Have a missing heir or beneficiary? Have an estate with no known heirs? Have you been appointed or court approved to hire a genealogist to assist you in locating next of kin? Arbor is pleased to provide the Estate attorney or the personal representative their choice of compensation options. Arbor offers Flat fees and hourly options, best suited to each individual case.