About Us

Arbor Probate Research Inc. is a company dedicated to locating heirs to assets, by utilizing the field of forensic genealogy. Our trained skills are implemented to trace heirs to estates, guardianship and trust proceedings. Our mission is connecting heirs to assets, to which they are legally entitled. The Arbor team has over 75 years of combined experience with backgrounds of business, education, finance, and forensic genealogy. Arbor has the full capacity to resolve the most complex cases, both domestically and internationally and is ready to assist you, with your case, in the most expedicious and thorough manner.

Meet our Corporate Team of Experts

Riccardo Stoeckicht – President

Riccardo brings over 35 years of diverse experience in the for-profit, non-profit, consulting, and educational sectors across the United States and South America. With a significant tenure at DuPont in South America, he led finance functions and regional businesses. In the U.S., he founded a Latin art distribution business.

In the non-profit realm since 2003, Riccardo has held board and C-suite roles, focusing on finance and operations. Key positions include deputy director at the Latin American Community Center and founding board treasurer of Academia Antonia Alonso, a dual-language charter school. He’s been instrumental in redeveloping educational facilities and supporting charter schools’ growth.

Riccardo earned a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Northeastern University. He’s affiliated with the Pahara Institute and the Aspen Global Leadership Network. His interests include wooden puzzles, art collecting, and foreign cinema.


Robin Valencia

Robin Valencia – Vice President

Robin Valencia has dedicated her career path to a lifetime of leadership and service to others, starting at a very young age. As a classically trained musician and 18-year physical rehabilitation practitioner, Robin embodies an analytical yet open-minded approach to each client’s experience, displaying clear articulation of thoughts and professional guidance. Mrs. Valencia’s drive is in educating and mentoring those around her, while also embodying empathy towards each person’s situation.  She, alongside her team, will guide you through your role and requirements to ensure that you are recognized for, and most importantly receive, your rightful and legal share, according to each state’s succession laws. After speaking with Robin, or one of her trusted associates, you will be left with a clear direction of this process and feel confident in your decision to trust the Arbor Probate Research Inc. team to manage and expedite your case. *For any client who requests video conferencing or language translation services, Mrs. Valencia will assist you and is personally fluent in Spanish. 

Juli Claussen – Senior Genealogist  

Juli Claussen is a search professional and forensic genealogist, with over 40 years of experience locating missing people, which has been her focus. She specializes in locating adoptees, birth families, and estranged (close and distant) family members.  Juli is committed to volunteering her services in reuniting families and is active in efforts to better her community. In Juli’s own words “I so enjoy connecting the pieces of family history puzzles, and my work with Arbor allows me to use my skills to benefit people in a tangible way in the here and now, not just explore the past. The work challenges me to bring my A-game every day. The company adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards, which is important to me. What could be a better fit?”  Mrs. Claussen’s meticulously thorough genealogy results, alongside your representation through Arbor Probate Research Inc., is what will justify and support your case.  

Megan Barack – Client Representative 

Megan Barack has dedicated over 23 years to direct customer service, of varying levels.  Her areas of expertise include human resource and onboarding management, supervisory and team leadership, and non-profit administration management.  Her guidance, positive frame of mind, and clear communication provides a superior client experience to each heir.  Her goal is to foster good and incorporate solutions that support families to come to resolutions.  Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Barack will make connections happen with our clients at times that work for them, whether it be at 7am or 9pm, making it convenient for any work schedule.  In Megan’s own words, “I knew Arbor was the fit for me after my first phone call and speaking with my first heir, lending a compassionate ear.  Connecting and meeting folks across the country to help them is most important to me.  I know that I am aiding the court system in connecting the rightful heirs, following true succession laws, and I am glad that I can educate our clients during this process.  Treating people fairly is something that Arbor prides itself in and always strives for open transparency, which I love the most.”

Farida Hassan – Senior Instructional Designer and Forensic Genealogist  

Farida Hassan has a strong drive in holding herself accountable to high personal, academic, and professional standards.  Originally hailing from Cairo, Egypt, we welcome our newest team member, Farida, who is not only multilingual in English, German, and Arabic, but who is also the former Egyptian national swimmer.  Proudly holding a Master’s degree, as a graduate of The University of Tampa, Florida, her multifaceted and well-diverse skillset is an asset to the entire Arbor team.   Her keen case oversight assists in ensuring that we are reaching out to family members of eligibility, supporting the “why” of our specific client outreach and inclusion.