Have You Been Contacted?

Why have I been contacted?

Through your family genealogy,  the Arbor Probate Research team has identified and linked you as a potential heir to assets. Our specialized team oversees each case and utilizes forensic genealogical research and skills and legal counsel to connect you to the assets that are rightfully yours.

Am I liable?

You are never liable for any of the decedent’s debts.  Arbor’s investigations are processed in the probate court systems and are in compliance with the court’s ‘creditors period’. Therefore, all of the decedent’s debts must be paid to any legitimate creditor, prior to any distribution to an heir or beneficiary.

Is this legitimate?

Yes, our proposal is absolutely legitimate.  Arbor Prides itself as being a bonded, insured and licensed Incorporated company. Arbor provides professional references for you as potential client. To insure good faith standing, Arbor Probate Research Inc.  maintains a 2 million dollar Errors and Omissions insurance policy. 

What happens after I sign my agreement and send the agreement to Arbor Probate Research?

First, congratulations, you are one step closer to your inheritance and  have protected/secured your beneficial interest. An Arbor Forensic Specialist will contact you, acknowledging the receipt of your agreement and explain the next steps of your case. Arbor prides itself in transparency and communication as our team values you as a client. 

Will I have to pay taxes on this inheritance?

Inheritances are not considered income, therefore no taxes are due.